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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy applies to

1. What are Cookies?

A "cookie", also known as an internet cookie, a browser cookie or and HTTP cookie, contains specific information. When a website is visited, the website sends the cookie to your computer. Your computer stores it in a file located in your web browser which allows the website to easily track and remember activities.

2. How we use cookies

We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. Here are the kinds of cookies we use:

2.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

These are all the cookies without which the website could not perform basic functions (i.e. Luminaire Schedule). They may be set automatically when pages load, or as a result of a user request that cannot be fulfilled without the use of the cookie.

2.2 Performance Cookies

These cookies are used to provide site owners with statistical information about their site – which is generally used for performance measurement and improvement. This is generally also known as "Analytics". It includes activities like counting page visits, dwell time, bounce rates, technologies used to access the site, and page load speeds. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It is only used to improve how a website works.

2.3 Performance Cookies

These cookies are generally there to support site functionality that is visible or advantageous to the user or their experience of the site. This includes elements of persistent personalization (remembered on subsequent visits), and enhanced functionality like web chat services, surveys, commenting and rating systems, and user preferences. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customize. They may also be used to provide services you have asked for such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information these cookies collect may be anonymized and they cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. In summary, this cookie collects the choices you make.

3. Opting Out

You can opt in or out of the cookies any time except for "Strictly Necessary Cookies". To remove cookies from your browser, you can use these guides.

3.1 Microsoft Edge

3.2 Mozilla Firefox

3.3 Google Chrome

3.4 Safari

3.5 Opera

This cookie policy was last modified on 16th January 2017.