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Light Hub was put together by a group of lighting designers who have identified the need for an application that features as an aggregated platform for architectural luminaires. Through years of experience we understand that one of the biggest challenges designers face each day is not being able to easily source or look for light products and corresponding details easily. While these information would be available on the manufacturer’s site, designers have to go through each individual site, thereby taking a lot of time and effort. This also means you would have a browser with multiple tabs open just filling up a short selection of luminaires. This very same frustration drove our team to come up with this innovative easy to use lighting solution that is meant to ease our processes - and all those others who require the information to work with.

Light Hub works very similar to Expedia, it collates all the lighting products and the specification information, all presented in uniform format thereby aiding the tedious task of finding the right product - and alternative products that are similar to it which may be used as a replacement - or for purposes of cost engineering a whole project.

We have invited leading manufacturers to make this application as informative and complete as it can be, and we will continue to collaborate with them to make this platform stronger and better.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, consultants, contractors and the client.
We have a proven track record of delivering the best lighting design and acoustic solutions from concept to completion.
Lighthub has a dedicated team of designers, engineers, technicians and project managers.

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From small-scale projects to larger ones covering all sectors, we have done it all. Supporting you in realizing your objectives, is what we do. Our integrated team of designers, engineers, technicians and project managers understands this; guiding you every step of the way. Matching all parties’ aspirations; bringing visions to life.

Adding verve to your architecture through intuitive and accessible lighting and acoustic solutions.

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